Honey Bee Health Summit

The Honey Bee Health Summit was held on June 11-13, 2013 in St. Louis, MO at Monsanto’s Chesterfield Village Research Center.

A full Summit Summary and Key Takeaways can be found here.

The Honey Bee Health Summit was a symposium co-hosted by Project Apis m. (PAm) and the Honey Bee Advisory Council. Its goal was to enable informed exchanges among key honey bee stakeholders in the academic, NGO, private and government sectors, aimed at finding sustainable solutions for improving honey bee health. During the three-day event, attendees:

  • Heard presentations by leading bee researchers focusing on four key areas related to honey bee health: the Varroa/virus complex, pesticides, nutrition and habitat loss, and tech transfer
  • Networked and explored avenues for collaborations with fellow scientists, beekeepers, growers, government and NGO representatives who study honey bee health
  • Toured Monsanto’s Chesterfield Village Research Center
  • Were part of an unprecedented effort to collaborate on identifying future strategies for improving honey bee health
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