Based on RNAi technology, Remebee’s active ingredients are dsRNA formulated to silence Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV). It is delivered in feed and sustains colony health in the presence of the virus.
Product Properties:

  • Potent protection from Israel Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV)
  • Potentially applicable to other bee viruses
  • Inherent robustness precludes the possibility of the virus breaking resistance
  • Extreme specificity and no toxicity
  • No residues in honey bees or honey

Product Status:
Beeologics has begun the regulatory approval process for Remebee in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after a period of assessment with the IR4 agency and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The field trials conducted in Florida, Pennsylvania and Israel provided sufficient data that led to the FDA permit of conducting a large scale clinical trial in the United States. These trials are underway with the participation of leading beekeepers across the United States.

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